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A modern rulebook-free wedding show curated by experts

A modern
wedding show
curated by experts


london wedding show

So what exactly is Unruly?

Unruly is rulebook-free wedding event for modern, stylish and cool couples who want to break tradition and make their own rules.

Unruly is an immersive, fun and interactive showcase pioneered by some of the most innovative talent in the industry. Drink the cocktails, taste the street food, pose in the booth, try out a free workshop and enjoy a party.

Unruly is not your average wedding show.

It’s got good vibes as soon as you walk through the door, come and experience them and do your wedding your way.

Whether you're an engaged couple, an industry pro or you're just really into weddings but not like in a weird way (no judgement) then you're invited to join the party!

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are you doing another one?

Short answer? Er, hell yeah!

We were over the moon with our 2017 show which went better than we had dared to dream it would, with 250 lovely guests and 25 incredible suppliers showing off their wares.

Long answer? 

The Unruly ladies Holly and Susannah have both welcomed new arrivals this year so will be putting plans for Year 2 on hold until Autumn 2019 - BUT we're planning a few regional mini-showcases around the country in the mean time so keep your eyes peeled for more information coming about that.

We'll be starting an applications process for next year's show, opening in early 2019. If you are a supplier and want to be the first to know about it, sign up here